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Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome to Shrewsbury Montessori School (SMS)! While the Montessori method was developed over a hundred years ago, current brain research supports many of its key theories and practices, which are now written about and practiced widely across the global education field.
One of first things that stands out when visiting one of our classrooms is the high level of agency in the form of self-direction, focus, and motivation that each child has; be it a three-year-old diligently working on preparing their own snack (using real silverware, china, and glasses) or a fifth-year student working on a research project about immigration or inventors. Shrewsbury Montessori students are curious about the world and are encouraged by their teachers to explore and seek answers!

The second aspect that stands out is the sense of calm and kindness that washes over the room. Since students are given the tools to be academically successful and given permission to work at their own pace, they feel empowered and trusted. This translates into creating a cooperative, purposeful classroom environment where students collaborate and support each other as learners.

And finally, there is joy! SMS students arrive at school each day, excited to learn alongside their friends. They are guided by experienced, talented teachers who know their likes and dislikes, as well as their strengths and areas of challenge. This fosters a safe and fun learning environment. Students expand their learning through arts and innovation classes, studying a foreign language, gardening, and more.

In addition to learning about SMS through our website, we look forward to welcoming you in person to experience for yourself the joy of learning that happens at Shrewsbury Montessori School. I hope you find SMS as inspirational and exciting as I do!

Edward Kuh
Interim Head of School

Meet Ed Kuh

Ed Kuh grew up in Rochester New York, earned his bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Michigan State University and his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership in Policy Study from the University of Washington. During his career, Mr. Kuh has worked in public, private and international schools. Most recently, Mr. Kuh completed a successful thirteen-year tenure as the Head of Fayerweather Street School in Cambridge, MA. Early in his career, Mr. Kuh taught for more than ten years including science at Eton (Montessori) School in Bellevue Washington to children aged three-grade eight. With two grown boys, aged 19 and 22, both of whom attended Montessori preschool, Mr. Kuh is a strong advocate of Montessori education and its principles. Read articles by Mr. Kuh about current research and Montessori Method.