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Traditions and Experiences

Throughout the year our students engage in age-appropriate experiences and traditions. They participate in in-depth science and culture studies and field trips, and then give presentations on subjects they have explored.

Examples of experiences and traditions include:

Lower Elementary Blue Hill Observatory Trip
Hiking up the hill to explore the observatory and to learn about weather.

Third and Fourth Year Ecotarium Sleepover
Students explore and spend the night at the Ecotarium in Worcester.

Fifth Year French Play
Students come up with a story line, create costumes and decorations, and perform their play in French in front of their family, classmate, and teachers.

Sixth Year Bahamas Trip
This trip to the Island School on Cape Eleuthera in the Bahamas is filled with fun, sun and adventure. The central component is in-depth exposure to scientific fieldwork with a focus on learning about bio diversity and sustainability, in addition to an exercise program that includes jogging, swimming, and snorkeling. This is parent-sponsored trip.

Upper Elementary Musical
Every year students prepare and perform a musical on a real theatre stage. Past revues include: The Lion King, Willy Wonka Jr, and The Sound of Music.

Elementary Projects Fair
Each student presents a project based on their grade topic. Past subjects include: the Middle Ages (Lower Elementary), the United States (forth year), and Physics (fifth-sixth years).

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