Extended Day

Shrewsbury Montessori School supports families by extending the regular school hours in the morning and afternoon, Mondays through Fridays. The program is designed to create a fun environment where children can relax and enjoy time with friends. Children are offered a variety of activities each day with outdoor and indoor play in a safe environment. The indoor space is designed with materials and activities that complement the Montessori philosophy to meet the interests of a multi-age group. View Before and After School Programs fees.

Before School Program

Families can arrive any time after 7:30am at the Shrewsbury and 7:45am at the Auburn Campus. Students are engaged in playing games, quiet reading, and other activities of their interest.

After School Program

The after school program is available from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. Students enrolled in it will be dismissed to the program at the end of the regular school day.

The program is designed to provide a friendly, fun, and warm environment where children can relax and enjoy time with friends as they transition to the extended part of their school day. The program begins with outdoor play (weather permitting), followed by snack. The school provides a healthy snack or families can bring one from home. Children are offered a variety of daily activities with the opportunity for outdoor and indoor playtime, working individually, with a friend, or in small groups. The schedule includes art, crafts, music games, cooking, and movement as well as other age-appropriate activities. The afternoon time is intended to be a fun and stimulating environment that is different from their structured school day. Advance yearly registration is available, as well as drop-ins if space permits. Drop-ins must be confirmed and should be arranged via phone or email to the main office.

Elementary Enrichment Programs

In addition to the regular after school program, elementary students can enroll in a variety of classes that complement our curriculum. Activities have included science, technology, art, chess, homework club, basketball, running club, and many more. Classes are thought by a combination of faculty, and outside vendors right here at SMS.

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